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Treasure (P)island: The Final Product!!!


15 pies’ worth of crust. 15 pies’ worth of pumpkin/pecan filling. 25 kids’s worth of creativity and enthusiasm. You do the math!

Okay, I know. You’ve all been sleepless allllll weekend, WAITING for a pic of the epicness that took place this weekend. Well folks, eat your hearts out. Literally.

That’s right. Lindsay and I stayed up all night Friday, and legit made 15 pies worth of pie crust, THEN filled it with a layer of pumpkin pie filling, THEN a layer of pecan pie filling…and then…and THEN…the ACTUAL epicness began.

Seriously, we cannot beLIEVE the creativity of these crazy kids. Turtles, beach balls, a sunburnt fat dude with an ice cream cone, banana trees, a volcano, fish, sailboats, a (pi)rate skull & crossbones…like, total insanity. Speechless over here. (And not just because my mouth is STILL FILLED WITH PI(E)!)

Ya, my floor MAY be totally covered in fondant and corn syrup and sparkly-unidentifiable-potentially-edible things, but it was SO WORTH IT!

Now it’s time to win the Serious Eats Pi Day Baking Challenge! Stay tuned for our huuuuuuge blog post, which will detail how this madness went down, who was involved, and how to cast your vote to help us WIN AN iPAD!