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A Fork in the Road

Well folks…the time has come. I’m moving. Virtually.

My blog has a new home – and yes, I caved – it’s TUMBLR! I just couldn’t resist. Fact.

You can find me here ~ come visit!

peace. love. pi.

Our Pillar of Knowledge

The Math Guru presents…

Our Pillar of Knowledge!

That’s right kids. Starting RIGHT NOW, we will be awarding 3 students per week, with a much-coveted spot on our Pillar of Knowledge! Each Friday, we will announce all of the nominees for the week. Sunday night, we will announce the winners ~ and Lindsay will reveal her epic awards in fluorescent-sticky-note form!

Awards for WHAT you ask? Awesomeness. Straight up.

Let’s get this party STARTED!

This week’s nominees are…

Steven D: Dude got accepted to 7 universities, including his top choice!

Nikki G: Aw yeah – 100% on her quiz!

Jennie M: Increased her mark by…44%! Actually.

Sawyer L: Buddy actually did his homework! (2 years later…)

Maliya K: 100%. 100%. 100%!

Shannon M: Girl finally showed her teacher who’s boss ~ and was legit excited about it!

Aight. Stay tuned for this week’s winners…Sunday!


Sh*t Calculators Say

Yep. I went there. Believe it.

Have your pi(e), and eat it too!

Okay, let’s get serious. Remember about a week ago, when you all thought I was whack for getting all crazy about Treasure (P)island? Well, whatever. It’s ALL happening RIGHT NOW. We just entered our epic creation into the ultimate Pi Day Baking Challenge. We can legit win an ipad. IF YOU VOTE FOR US!

Click here to check out details of the behind-the-scenes madness that happened at our Pi Day Partayyyy ~ and to vote! Hey, it’ll only take like, 3.14 seconds of your time…do it!

(Sidenote: If you’re having trouble finding our entry, sort by recent entries, and look for a blue, colourful pic. Yay us!)

If You Want Respect, You Gotta Give It Back.


Who doesn’t get straight up pissed off about the double standard that seems to exist when it comes to respect? Why is it that teenagers are supposed to ‘respect their elders,’ but that they should be a-okay with the fact that adults treat them like crap? Not this kid. Listen to one of The Math Guru’s fave students, Sawyer,  rant – that’s what he does best.


Treasure (P)island: The Final Product!!!


15 pies’ worth of crust. 15 pies’ worth of pumpkin/pecan filling. 25 kids’s worth of creativity and enthusiasm. You do the math!

Okay, I know. You’ve all been sleepless allllll weekend, WAITING for a pic of the epicness that took place this weekend. Well folks, eat your hearts out. Literally.

That’s right. Lindsay and I stayed up all night Friday, and legit made 15 pies worth of pie crust, THEN filled it with a layer of pumpkin pie filling, THEN a layer of pecan pie filling…and then…and THEN…the ACTUAL epicness began.

Seriously, we cannot beLIEVE the creativity of these crazy kids. Turtles, beach balls, a sunburnt fat dude with an ice cream cone, banana trees, a volcano, fish, sailboats, a (pi)rate skull & crossbones…like, total insanity. Speechless over here. (And not just because my mouth is STILL FILLED WITH PI(E)!)

Ya, my floor MAY be totally covered in fondant and corn syrup and sparkly-unidentifiable-potentially-edible things, but it was SO WORTH IT!

Now it’s time to win the Serious Eats Pi Day Baking Challenge! Stay tuned for our huuuuuuge blog post, which will detail how this madness went down, who was involved, and how to cast your vote to help us WIN AN iPAD!

Help Us Win An ipad with Pi(e)!

Okay, yes March = March Break.

But to ME, March means that…PI DAY IS COMING UP! For those of you who think I’m crazy, pi day is a legitimate thing, and occurs on March 14th (get it?! 3.14?!). Unfortunately, this falls over the break this year, BUT that won’t stop us from celebrating!

This Saturday March 3rd, from 2:30-5:30pm we are concocting Treasure P(island) for an epic Pi Day contest! That’s right. We’re building a pi shaped island – out of PIE. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! We would love LOVE for y’all to drop in between those hours, and be a part of it, by creating a little something to add to our creation ~ we will have candy, calculators, and sparkly edible things ~ all enthusiastic friends/family are totally welcome to join!

So, to recap:

When: THIS Saturday March 3rd

When exACTly: 2:30-5:30

Where: The Math Guru

Who: The awesome crew at The Math Guru, you, and anyone you want to bring – as long as they don’t make fun of us!

Why: Um, hello! Because who DOESN’T want to help build a pi shaped island OUT OF PIE?! Oh, and we could win an ipad. NBD.

What: Come over. I have candy. You have an artistic vision (slash: enthusiasm). A Match made in math heaven.

See you Saturday ~ v!

(More) sh*t math students say

I know, I know. You’ve all been waiting at the edge of your seats, anticipating the sequel to my hit Youtube sensation, Sh*t Math Students Say. Well – the wait is OVER! Complete with new & improved shiny title frames and high-tech beeping noises, I am PROUD to present…

(More) Sh*t Math Students Say


Spread the mathlove&laughter ♥


Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an epic-tea-creation. Well well – the wait is over kids. Valentines Day inspired me to create the most romantic-indulgent tea beverage I could come up with…and so I did! (Okay, if I’m going to be TOTALLY honest, while Valentines Day was legit an inspiration behind this whole thing, credit needs to be attributed to the Capresso Froth PRO which I discovered at David’s Tea.)

No for real. Get this: Cocoa, soy milk, AND heavy cream ~ IN THE FROTHER! This thing is amazing. So I got this awesome creamy foamy chocolatey layer, right? And THEN I poured it slowly over Love Tea #7 mixed with vanilla extract, and it created these creamy layers of awesomeness. (Not going to lie – I MAY or may not have thrown a Hershey’s Kiss into the mix for a little extra lovin’.)



How much love can your heart hold?

Nothing says L-O-V-E like M-A-T-H, right?! Okay, so a friend of mine legit found the COOLEST Valentines-day-themed math activity EVER: Calculating the area of a heart! And the best part is – this activity totally transcends age, grade level, or any of those traditional measures of what you’re SUPPOSED to do/be interested in. This activity is straight up awesome, and hey…who DOESN’T want to know how much a heart (well, a two-dimensional heart!) holds?!

Bonus points: Try to come up with a way to calculate the area of a heart beFORE actually reading the instructions!

Warning: This is way WAY more complicated than you may initially think it should be…ah, such is love!